STACS '99 Preparation of Final Versions

The deadline for submission of final versions is December 4, 1998.

Addendum: Marks used in Reviews

Unfortunately, we omitted the definition of the evaluation values from the notifications we sent to authors. Here they are:
A landmark paper
A strong paper
The paper has good results
Acceptable, with slight favour
Acceptable, but likely to reject
An unsatisfactory paper
A bad paper
The paper has serious bugs
Out of scope of STACS

Final Versions

For preparation of final versions, please use the following material:

The final manuscript is due on DECEMBER 4, 1998. Instructions to prepare
and deliver  the final manuscript  are included below.  The deadline  is
firm and the technical rules from the publisher are strict. It is there-
fore strongly recommended  to send the final manuscript as early as pos-
sible  so that the manuscript can be  technically checked by the organi-
zers and (if necessary) corrected by you.

The proceedings will be published by Springer Verlag as a volume of Lec-
ture Notes in Computer Science. For this reason, your manuscript must be
prepared according to the instructions given by Springer at
Note in particular  that your manuscript should  show no page numbers or
running heads. The page limit is 10 pages (including references and / or
appendices). Manuscripts exceeding this limit will be rejected.

Springer Verlag  will make  the proceedings  available in  an electronic
version, too. Therefore, we ask you to submit:
- the PostScript file of the final version,
- all the source files, e.g., tex files for the text and ps or eps files
  for figures,  the final dvi file  (for papers prepared  using LaTeX or
and, if possible,
- a PDF file of the final version of your contribution.

Please ensure that  in all cases  the text to be included  into the pro-
ceedings is identical  to the postscript version.  We strongly recommend
to use LaTeX for the preparation of the final manuscript.  Normally this
causes no unsolvable technical problems and allows the publisher to pro-
duce hyperlinks for the electronic version.

Please submit the files of your final version via FTP, as follows:

1. cd to a directory containing all the files to upload.
2. Open an anonymous FTP session to, i.e.:
   -- Enter the command:	ftp
   -- As username, enter:	ftp
   -- As password, enter your email address.
3. Create a directory to upload your files to, and cd there. Enter:
      cd /incoming
      mkdir T001_Joneson
      cd T001_Joneson
   (assumed that your paper was submission number T001  and your name is
4. Upload your files. For the  "text" files  (including  TeX sources and
   PostScript files), enter:
      put YourFile.Name
   For the "binary" files (including DVI and PDF files), enter:
      put YourFile.Name
5. Close the FTP session with the command
6. Send an email to, including:
   -- the type of computer  (Unix, Windows, Mac, ...)  you prepared your
      files on,
   -- the type of software (LaTeX, Word, ...) used to do so,
   -- the exact name of the directory you created, and
   -- a list of the files you supplied.

Before submitting the files,  please make sure  that no  further changes
will be needed. Once your submission is completed, we cannot accept cor-
rections or repeated submission.

Please send a signed Copyright Form available from Springer at
by surface mail or by fax to
	Prof. Ch. Meinel
	Lehrstuhl Theoretische Informatik
	- STACS'99 -
	Fachbereich IV - Informatik
	Universitaet Trier
	D-54286 Trier

	Fax: ++49-651-201-3954

It is sufficient if one author signs the form on behalf of all the other

I am looking forward to see you at STACS'99.  More information about the
conference is and will be available at

Sincerely yours,

-- Christoph Meinel (STACS'99 Program Committee Chair)