STACS '99 Memorabilia

Memorable Quotes

Well, since we were in the conference office most of the time, we did not overhear any (nonscientific) statements worth preservation for future generations. If you remember such a thing, please email me.

Jochen's Pit of PostScript Pages

"Print-it-yourself Souvenirs"

Original PostScript (tm) files for STACS '99 paperwork - just print them out if you lost, or never had, an original printout. Note that most tickets went through a printer twice, first through a lo-res color printer to create the background, then through a hi-res b+w printer to add the text; the respective items hence need two PostScript files referenced as "Back" and "Text".

For Other Conference Organizers

Material that organizers of other conferences might find useful. Most of these PostScript files were hand written, so you should be able to replace "STACS '99" or whatever using a normal ASCII editor.