STACS '99 News

  • Added specific information on how to travel to Trier.
  • For all registered users of the Springer LINK service, the proceedings volume is available online here.
  • Removed not-quite-currently-interesting information from the homepage; old version still available here.
  • Please note the corrected times in the list of social events.
  • Pinpointed pre-conference events; see the "social events" list on the STACS'99 homepage.
  • Added more detail, especially the exact rooms. You might want to create new printouts of the conference program now; I don't expect any important pre-conference changes anymore.
  • There are no more TMR grants available. Please do not apply for them anymore.
  • Both types of early registration, as well as the corresponding detail information, removed from the registration form.
  • Deadlline for application for DFG grants extended until January 6, 1999.
  • Corrected author name (Thu 04-Mar-1999 15:00): Östlin
  • Corrected order, one author, and title (Thu 06-Mar-1999 09:00): Ettinger, Høyer: On Quantum Algorithms for Noncommutative Hidden Subgroups
  • More final versions received, more lists of authors reordered accordingly
  • Added information on application for DFG and TMR grants
  • Title of invited talk of N. Nisan (Thu 04-Mar-1999 09:00): Algorithms for Selfish Agents
  • Corrected list of authors (Fri 05-Mar-1999 14:30): Jakoby, Liskiewicz, Reischuk
  • Corrected title (Thu 04-Mar-1999 10:45): The Average Time Complexity to Compute Prefix Functions in Processor Networks
  • Corrected author name and changed title (Thu 04-Mar-1999 14:30): Kloks, Kratochvíl, Müller: New Branchwidth Territories
  • Corrected author name (Sat 06-Mar-1999 09:30): Barua (not "Rana")
  • Changed title (Fri 05-Mar-1999 12:15): Finding Paths with the Right Cost
  • Changed title (Thu 04-Mar-1999 15:30): Complexity of Some Problems in Universal Algebra
  • Various lists of authors reordered to match order on final version of paper
  • Title of invited talk of Th. Wilke (Sat 06-Mar-1999 12:15): Classifying Discrete Temporal Properties