STACS 2000 Online Help: Encoding Schemes

Unfortunately, not all computers in the world represent characters not belonging to the 7 bit ASCII set in the same way. This makes it necessary to specify the encoding used along with the data itself.

The STACS software currently accepts the following encoding schemes: 7 bit ASCII, ISO-Latin-1, international LaTeX, german.sty LaTeX, and HTML. If you don't know about one encoding, I'ld recommend not to use it - explaining it at depth is beyond the scope of this online help, anyway. For a quick comparison, here's an example of a string in all five encodings:

Encoding NameExampleRemarks
7 bit ASCIIMichael Mueller National character transcribed as two characters so as to stay in the "lower half" of ASCII
ISO-Latin-1Michael Müller Needs to have ISO-Latin-1 compatible fonts available to display properly
(International) LaTeXMichael M\"uller  
german.sty LaTeXMichael M"uller"Abbreviations" for German national characters
HTMLMichael Müller See this list of HTML entities (at Netscape)

(If you happen to know about a widely used "national" French LaTeX command set, please drop me a line.)

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