STACS 2000 Online Help: Titles and Name Orders


For sake of simplicity, the STACS software supports only the titles Mr./Ms./Mrs., Prof., and Dr., not combinations (e.g., Prof. Dr. Dr.) or variations (e.g., Dr. h.c. mult.) thereof. Please use the highest appropriate title.

Name Orders

In Europe and the USA, names of persons usually consist of the given name(s) followed by the family name; e.g., the German actress Nastassja Kinski is the daughter of the actor Klaus Kinski. This doesn't hold for all cultures, however; most East Asian cultures have the family name precede the given names. For example, the North Korean leaders Kim Dae Jung and Kim Jong Il are father and son.

(If anyone knows a sufficiently famous and less touchy example for the latter case, PLEASE!!!, drop me a line.)

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