STACS 2000 Electronic Submission Service

Welcome to the Electronic Submission Service of STACS 2000. We have reworked the service, which was email based in 1997 and 1998, to have a WWW interface now.

NOTE: At the time of this writing, the "upload file from web form" mechanism we use works only on recent versions of Netscape (starting with version 3.0, if not earlier) and Internet Explorer (3.02 with File Upload Add-On, and 4.0 and newer as is). If you still have problems, please contact us.


Before you try submitting your paper, please verify that you have the following available:


By following the hyperlink below, you will create an empty "ticket" that can then be used to perform one submission. You will get to see a WWW form allowing you to start entering data. Please have your browser bookmark this form immediately; you cannot interrupt work and continue later without your ticket number (which will be saved in the bookmark).

In the forms, you will see:
>>> Red triangles (resp. triple arrows) indicating that a mandatory category or field is still (partially) empty
 > Green triangles (resp. single arrows) indicating that an optional category or field is still (partially) empty
(-) A stop sign (resp. "(-)") indicating that this category is blocked until other, mandatory categories or fields (to be found elsewhere in the same form) have been entered

In order to make sure that your browser always displays forms containing up-to-date data, please do NOT use your browser's "back" button/key unless explicitly told to.